2021-11-11 / SCIM User & Group Management APIs Release

Please refer to the documentation here #scim-user-and-group-management

2021-06-24 / Client Credential flow added as authorization method

A new authorization flow for server-to-server integrations, client credentials with user delegation, has been added to our Authorizations Overview page. This flow is more secure than the existing password flow and is meant to replace password flow over time.


2020-07-28 / generatedLivedocOutputFormats Updated

In order to bring casing consistency across all tables we have lower cased all format fields, including a most recent update to generatedLivedocOutputFormats.format.


2020-07-24 / Python Script Updated

The python script for extracting reporting data has been updated to reflect all available reports.


2020-02-18 / 'InstanceFormat' object removed from V2 reporting API

V2 API update.


2020-01-29 / January integration release is here!

We are excited to announce our January release!

2020-01-02 / V2 Reporting API Available

Today we are releasing the much anticipated V2 reporting APIs. This new version brings several highly desired tables and makes streaming large data sets easier than ever before.
For more details on migrating from V1 to V2 check out V1 to V2 Reporting API Migration
The API Reference has been updated and all reporting endpoints now refer to v2 capabilities.

2019-12-19 / Get list of items in a folder update

Rate limits have been implemented on our get list of items in a folder endpoint within our library content management suite. Additionally due to unforeseen performance degradation we have been forced to remove auxiliary objects from the response. A fix has been developed and we hope to release that fix mid January 2020 after a proper QA cycle. Check back soon for updates!

2019-11-20 / Library Instructions endpoints added

We have a released a new set of endpoints to complement our library content management suite.

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