2022-07-07 / Additional extension points

2022-06-16 / Content Planner APIs (Early Access)

  • We have released a number of new endpoints for our Content Planner module. You can find more on them here.
  • We have also release another early access endpoint Intelligence services

2022-05-30 / API Reference updates and some new articles

  • We have organized the API Reference page by categories of APIs. Please refer to the API Reference for a high level overview.
  • We have posted a number of new Extension points

2022-05-24 / User search and content picker updates

SCIM User and Group Management

2022-4-27 / Rebrand & upcoming changes

As we launch the Seismic Enablement Cloud, buckle up for a slew of changes! For starters, we've got a new logo & color scheme. Over the next month will be releasing a steady stream of new features, updated documentation, and collaboration tools to help you take advantage of all we have to offer.

2022-04-26 / Content properties for workspace (Early Access)

We have released a new Early Access (EA) endpoint for getting your content properties on Workspace content. You can read more here #getfilecustomproperties

2022-02-01 / LiveDocs Express (LDX) Endpoints are available!

Please refer to the documentation here #LDX Batch

2021-12-23 / UI Updates for developer portal

We have released UI updates to our Seismic Developer Portal (the site that you're on right now). Users may notice several enhancements including endpoint history, improved page loading performance, and improved search. Please let us know if you believe there to be any gaps, bugs, or missing information.

2021-12-21 / New Documentation for Reporting with Snowflake

We have added a new section to include a highly requested Snowflake query for inventory reporting. Please refer to the documentation here:
docs/library-inventory-with-content-properties for more information.


2021-12-15 / New Endpoints for Workspace Permissions/Sharing

We have released two new endpoints to assist with Workspace permissioning. Please refer to the documentation here: