2023-06-16 / Spring Launch - New APIs!

A tremendous amount of work from the teams to release a slew of new APIs!

2023-04-19 / New LiveDoc Parameter

An optional new parameter, liveFormSellerTemplateId, has been added to the Generate a LiveDoc endpoint

2023-03-13 / Custom Properties

Custom Properties are live! They are be replacing Content properties so please make note of this for your ongoing and new projects.

2023-03-07 / New endpoint collections & LiveDoc Gen update

2023-02-27 / UCP Preview & Updated Documents

  • UCP Preview is now live and available for public usage!
  • We have improved our documentation on Login with client credentials flow and the Related Training extension point
  • We have identified a bug with the Related Training extension where the blade can disappear. This is called out in our Related Training page and we are targeting a fix by March 15th, 2023
  • There was an incorrect value in the Cards documentation. "externalType" has been corrected to "type"
  • We have updated the Delivery Approval v2 to correctly state a 60 second timeout, not 3 seconds

2023-02-27 / Rate Limits

Although our rate limit policy has been live for several months, we have not strictly enforced them for several of our endpoints. Please ensure your programs and integrations are adhering to the limits we have defined in our Rate Limiting Policies

2023-02-01 / Testing Domain

We have released a new testing domain to assist with change management, onboarding new features, and security enhancements. Please refer to the Versioning and Testing page for testing strategies

2022-10-10 / Picker (UCP) documentation update

We have updated the Content Picker documentation to include a Purpose section & an improved Security & Authorization section

2022-07-27 / Global Rate Limits

We have updated our Rate Limit policy to be globally enforced for all API endpoints. You can find more information on our Rate Limiting page

2022-07-12 / New Guides for Apps

We have written up some new guides and restructured existing documentation around apps and App Reg including