Occurs when a file is removed from profile.

Webhook Payload

The webhook event is encapsulated within a common wrapper structure providing general information about the event.

idstringThe unique identifier for the event
versionstringThe version of the event
occurredAtstringThe time the event occured
tenantIdstringThe unique identifier for the tenant
tenantNamestringThe name of the tenant
dataobjectThe container of the event details data object details
productAreastringProduct Area

data object details

teamSiteIdstringThe unique identifier for the team site
contentIdstringThe unique identifier for the content
contentNamestringThe name of the content
contentVersionIdstringThe unique identifier for the content version
contentTypeintegerThe type of the content
formatstringThe format of the content
profileVersionIdstringThe unique identifier for the profile version
profileNamestringThe name of the profile
profileTypestringThe type of the profile, value is 'ContentProfile' or 'ChannelProfile'
actionTypestringThe type of the action, value is 'Add' or 'Remove'
batchIdstringThe identifier of a profile cache rebuild job


  "id": "GUID",
  "version": "contentProfileRemoveFromProfileV1",
  "occurredAt": "2023-01-20T21:13:25.268Z",
  "tenantId": "b4d8bb18-dc97-4e18-8049-50a04edf453f",
  "tenantName": "fsdev",
  "data": {
    "teamSiteId": "47e52009-1ac8-4b89-bacc-3a2268725fb8",
    "contentId": "7ea7db16-a0de-4990-a6a6-206c5d958811",
    "contentName": "Test File",
    "contentVersionId": "e1d12cf5-b90b-4da4-9e40-a0beefd88516",
    "contentType": 1,
    "format": "pptx",
    "profileVersionId": "89159e86-da4d-433a-acb8-e8faa28d3662",
    "profileName": "test profile",
    "profileType": "channelProfile",
    "actionType": "Remove",
    "batchId": "GUID"
  "application": "ContentProfile",
  "productArea": "ContentDiscovery"