Authentication is not always required

Apps that do not rely on utilizing Seismic Public APIs do not require defining an authentication method.

The Authentication section is comprised of 3 sub-sections

Authentication method Authorization code
Implicit flow
* Password flow

See authentication overview for more details.
OAuth2 information Obtain client ID & secret
Define redirect urls
ScopesDefine app scopes.

See permissions for more details.


Client id and secret

Newly generated client id and secrets require approximately 5-10 minutes before they are activated. You may encounter an invalid_client until the keys are activated.



Changing the authentication method or changing scopes associated to application will result in a new version of the app and a new client id & secret. The existing app version, client id, and secret will continue to work but the changes will only work with the new client id + secret. If an existing app has been distributed those apps will need to be upgraded.