What is an app?

Apps are the mechanism by which you can interact with a platform's developer tools

The Seismic developer platform enables interactions and extensions of the Seismic platform. The app as your gateway to features such as:

Apps are not exclusive to Seismic. You have apps on your phone and computer. You may have apps installed on your web browser or CRM.

Types of apps

Hosted Apps

When an app is created within Seismic's App Reg platform it will be referred to as a hosted app. Hosted apps come in 3 flavors based on their audience and distribution methodology

Local Apps When you create an app from scratch, it is directly tied to your tenant. It can be disabled, but it not be uninstalled or removed from your tenant unless it is completely deleted
Private Apps When someone shares their local app with you through an installation URL
Public Apps - Have been published to Seismic's App Catalog. Some public apps are free while some may require additional purchases, subscriptions, or services. For example, if you want to integrate Lessonly with Seismic, you'll need to make sure your organization has purchased Lessonly

External Apps

When an app is created on a platform other than Seismic's App Reg platform, we will refer to these as external apps.

This developer portal doesn't really have anything to do with External apps, but they are described here as foundational concept. If you want to make an app on another platform, go check out that platform's developer portal


Different people will interact with apps in different ways

Tenant administrators are responsible for installing, enabling, and sometimes configuring apps on their tenants
In-house developers will create apps and use their features, such as API calls and webhooks to improve and expand their organization's functionality
External developers will create apps for other tenants, giving your organization access to the features they are using and building