2022-10-10 / Picker (UCP) documentation update

We have updated the Content Picker documentation to include a Purpose section & an improved Security & Authorization section

2022-07-27 / Global Rate Limits

We have updated our Rate Limit policy to be globally enforced for all API endpoints. You can find more information on our Rate Limiting page

2022-07-12 / New Guides for Apps

We have written up some new guides and restructured existing documentation around apps and App Reg including

2022-07-07 / Additional extension points

2022-06-16 / Content Planner APIs (Early Access)

  • We have released a number of new endpoints for our Content Planner module. You can find more on them here.
  • We have also release another early access endpoint Intelligence services

2022-05-30 / API Reference updates and some new articles

  • We have organized the API Reference page by categories of APIs. Please refer to the API Reference for a high level overview.
  • We have posted a number of new Extension points

2022-05-24 / User search and content picker updates

SCIM User and Group Management

2022-4-27 / Rebrand & upcoming changes

As we launch the Seismic Enablement Cloud, buckle up for a slew of changes! For starters, we've got a new logo & color scheme. Over the next month will be releasing a steady stream of new features, updated documentation, and collaboration tools to help you take advantage of all we have to offer.

2022-04-26 / Content properties for workspace (Early Access)

We have released a new Early Access (EA) endpoint for getting your content properties on Workspace content. You can read more here #getfilecustomproperties

2022-02-01 / LiveDocs Express (LDX) Endpoints are available!

Please refer to the documentation here #LDX Batch