Occurs when a user is Updated.


Early Access

This service is subject to change with limited or no warning. Please work closely with your CSM and our Services team if you are interested in using this webhook.

Webhook Payload

The webhook event is encapsulated within a common wrapper structure providing general information about the event.

idstringThe unique identifier for the user creation event.
versionstringThe schema version of the user creation event.
occurredAtstringThe timestamp when the user creation event occurred.
tenantIdstringThe unique identifier of the tenant.
tenantNamestringThe name of the tenant.
dataobjectDetailed information about the user-related event. data object details
applicationstringThe application through which the event was triggered.
productAreastringThe product area related to the event.

data object details

idstringThe unique identifier of the created user.
actionstringThe action type of the event, e.g., 'Create'.
tenantstringThe tenant associated with the user.
userIdstringThe unique identifier of the user.
usernamestringThe username of the created user.
emailstringThe email address of the user.
isFullControlbooleanIndicates if the user has full control permissions.
userTimeZoneIdstringThe time zone ID of the user.
photoThumbnailIdstringThe identifier for the user's thumbnail photo.
phoneNumberstringThe phone number of the user.
addressstringThe address of the user.
locationstringThe location of the user.
twitterstringThe Twitter handle of the user.
titlestringThe professional title of the user.
biographystringThe biography of the user.
organizationstringThe organization the user belongs to.
linkedInIdstringThe LinkedIn ID of the user.
firstNamestringThe first name of the user.
lastNamestringThe last name of the user.
isDeletedbooleanIndicates if the user is marked as deleted.
isDeactivatedbooleanIndicates if the user is deactivated.
languageCodestringThe language code preferred by the user.
externalIdstringAn external identifier for the user.
managerIdstringThe unique identifier of the user's manager.
employeeNumberstringThe employee number of the user.
costCenterstringThe cost center associated with the user.
departmentstringThe department where the user works.
hireDatestringThe date when the user was hired.
managerNamestringThe name of the user's manager.
userTypestringThe type of user, represented by a string or number.
defaultContentProfileIdstringThe default content profile identifier for the user.
isLockedbooleanIndicates if the user's account is locked.
createdTimestringThe timestamp when the user account was created.
lastModifiedTimestringThe last time the user details were modified.
deletedTimestringThe time when the user was marked as deleted.
singleSignOnUsernamestringThe single sign-on username of the user.
systemsarrayList of systems the user has access to.
extensionPropertiesarray of objectsThe list of extension properties associated with the user. extensionProperties array object details
userProfilePropertiesarray of objectsThe list of custom properties in the user profile. userProfileProperties array object details
directGroupIdsarrayList of group identifiers that the user is directly a part of.

extensionProperties array object details

idstringThe unique identifier for the extension property.
contentstringThe content of the extension property.
namespacestringThe namespace of the extension property.

userProfileProperties array object details

userPropertyIdstringThe unique identifier of the user property.
valuestringThe value of the user property.


  "id": "4d22c89a-6c2f-4b36-8cd8-218973dfe04f",
  "version": "UserUpdatedV1",
  "occurredAt": "2023-01-20T21:13:25.268Z",
  "tenantId": "b4d8bb18-dc97-4e18-8049-50a04edf453f",
  "tenantName": "fsdev",
  "data": {
    "id": "07ce0ec9-9920-4700-9ae3-56526a8916f7",
    "action": "Update",
    "tenant": "fsdev",
    "userId": "07ce0ec9-9920-4700-9ae3-56526a8916f7",
    "username": "luke",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "isfullcontrol": false,
    "userTimeZoneId": "Eastern Standard Time",
    "photoThumbnailId": "07ce0ec9-9920-4700-9ae3-56526a8916f7",
    "phoneNumber": "213123123",
    "address": "",
    "location": "",
    "twitter": "",
    "title": "",
    "biography": "",
    "organization": "",
    "linkedInId": "",
    "firstName": "luke",
    "lastName": "luke",
    "isDeleted": false,
    "isDeactivated": false,
    "languageCode": "en-US",
    "externalId": "",
    "managerId": "07ce0ec9-9920-4700-9ae3-56526a8916f7",
    "employeeNumber": "",
    "costCenter": "",
    "department": "",
    "hireDate": "",
    "managerName": "shane",
    "usertype": "1",
    "defaultContentProfileId": "",
    "isLocked": false,
    "createdTime": "2024-05-14 12:21:11.167",
    "lastModifiedTime": "2024-05-14 12:21:11.167",
    "deletedTime": "2024-05-16 12:21:11.167",
    "singleSignOnUsername": "",
    "systems": [
    "extensionProperties": [
        "id": "",
        "content": "",
        "namespace": ""
    "userProfileProperties": [
        "userPropertyId": "",
        "value": ""
    "directGroupIds": [
  "application": "User",
  "productArea": "UMS"