Occurs when content version is activated or deactivated in content manager.


Early Access

This service is subject to change with limited or no warning. Please work closely with your CSM and our Services team if you are interested in using this webhook.

Webhook Payload

The webhook event is encapsulated within a common wrapper structure providing general information about the event.

idstringThe unique identifier for the event
versionstringThe version of the event
occurredAtstringThe time the event occured
tenantNamestringTenant Name
dataobjectThe container of the event details data object details
productAreastringProduct Area

data object details

teamSiteIdstringThe unique id for the teamsite
fileIdstringThe unique Id for the file
fileNamestringThe name of the file
contentTypenumberThe content type of the file
formatstringThe format of the file
activeVersionIdstringThe uniqueId for the active version
activatedBystringthe user id who activated the content
activeTimestringThe date time of the content was activated
lastActiveVersionIdstringthe uniqueId for the activated version


  "id": "GUID",
  "version": "ContentManagerActiveVersionChangedV1",
  "occurredAt": "2023-01-20T21:13:25.268Z",
  "tenantId": "b4d8bb18-dc97-4e18-8049-50a04edf453f",
  "tenantName": "fsdev",
  "data": {
    "teamSiteId": "47e52009-1ac8-4b89-bacc-3a2268725fb8",
    "fileId": "fd1faca6-f455-44c5-98b7-440be8cbc20d",
    "fileName": "presentation.pptx",
    "contentType": 1,
    "format": "PPTX",
    "activeVersionId": "f3663305-a5ab-4d24-99da-47f91240ceb8",
    "activatedBy": "c53d34c9-26b8-48e1-aed0-f758a1747781",
    "activeTime": "2024-01-20T21:13:25.268Z",
    "lastActiveVersionId": "1e991089-101f-40dd-b80f-a9181ddc34d2"
  "application": "ContentManager",
  "productArea": "MarketingExperience"