Design fundamentals

Problem statement

The best kind of app is one that solves a problem for your organization or clients. Here are some examples

Example problem



Knowledge gaps
You aren't sure which content or seller strategies have been most effective for your team

Consume data from our Reporting APIs to your data warehouse or BI tool of choice to allow your team to join data sets and analyze effectiveness

Compare LiveSend interactions against the age and type of contents and the status of your prospects in your CRM to determine how your content can help move a deal forward

Outdated Content
After your month-end materials are generated, it takes days for all of the content to make it into Seismic and there are frequently errors with tags

Use your DAM's APIs in conjunction with Seismic's Library APIs to sync content and metadata into Seismic and auto-publish materials for your sellers

Sync content and metadata from Drupal, Sitecore, or another system that doesn't have an out-of-the-box connector for Seismic

User Management
Adding new users and modifying their permissions is a time consuming job for your Seismic admins and your organization can't use SSO for auto provisioning

Export the latest list of users from your organizations people management system and add them Seismic using our User Management APIs

HR systems like Workday and ADP have a feature to export user lists. Take this data and look for recent hires and turn over and make the adjustments in Seismic accordingly.

Make a list of necessary functionality

Before you start making something, it's recommended to validate the necessary features exist. For example, if your app will be making API calls to accomplish a task, check to make sure those APIs exist. This can save you a lot of headaches down the road.


Suggestion or idea for new features?

If there is some missing functionality, please reach out to CSM and ask them to create a Product Enhancement Request so we can evaluate your request!

Look for existing solutions

Seismic is not the only one making apps. Make sure to check the app catalog and ask your vendors about integrations and apps that are have already been created or might be in the works.