UCP Content Preview

We are excited to announce that we have added Content Preview to our Universal Content Picker! This feature can be easily enabled with very little changes to your configuration.


Sample Code

"showPreview": true,
"customizations": {
  "preview": {
    "hideInbuiltPreview":            false,
    "displayPreviewOnPreviewButton": true,        
    "displayPreviewOnContentIcon":   false,       
    "previewOnAction":               "click",                                     
    "triggerOnPreviewCallback":      true
FieldNameValuesDescriptionDefault value if not specified
showPreviewtrue / falseMust be true to use the preview featurefalse
customizations.previewThe parent objects for the rest of the settings
hideInbuiltPreviewtrue / falseMust be false to use the preview feature. This exists to prevent automatically turning on the previewtrue
displayPreviewOnPreviewButtontrue / falseSets the preview window to appear when engaging with the preview eye icontrue
displayPreviewOnContentIcontrue / falseSets the preview window to appear when engaging with the content's icon, next to the file nametrue
previewOnAction"click" / "hover"Determines whether the preview function is engaged with a click or hover for both the preview eye icon and the content iconclick
triggerOnPreviewCallbacktrue / falseEnables or disables the callback payload featuretrue

Support Repositories

Full preview with rendition

  • DocCenter / Collection
  • Library

Thumbnail preview only

  • Workspace
  • External repositories

Supported Content Types

Full preview with rendition

  • PDF
  • PowerPoint Documents, like PPTX, PPT
  • Word documents like DOCX, DOC
  • Seismic Pages
  • Images like GIF, PNG, JPG

Thumbnail Only

  • URL
  • Videos like MP4, MOV

No Preview

  • Items without thumbnails, usually things like ZIP, HTML.

MouseOver Preview for Full Preview

When viewing a multi-page document with rendition capabilities, you can quickly scroll through the pages by moving your mouse left and right over the preview window