The event is triggered when the requested format is generated from a LiveDoc template or there are failures during generating a LiveDoc.

    "id": "[guid]",
    "version": "LiveDocCompletedV2",
    "occurredAt": "2023-06-27T21:13:25.268Z",
    "tenantId": "[tenant id]",
    "tenantName": "[tenant name]",
    "data": {
        "requestId": "[guid][generate request Id / generationId]",
        "status": "[Generated|Failed]",
        "output": {
          "format": "[PPTX|DOCX|PDF|GSLIDES|GDOC|EXCEL]",
          "fileName": "[output file name]",
          "downloadUrl": "[downloadUrl]|[null]",
          "googleFile": { "Url": "[google doc url]", "Id": "[google doc Id]", "VersionNumber": "[google doc version number]"  } // |[null]
        "errors": [ // | null
          "message":"[error message]",
        "seismicInstance": {
          "instanceId": "[guid][livedoc lifecycle Id]",
          "instanceStageId": "[guid][livedoc lifecycle stageId]",
          "instanceStageType": "[LiveDoc lifecycle stage type] ",
          "generator": "LiveDoc",
          "origin": {
            "content": {
              "Name": "[content name]|[null]",
              "format": "[content format]|[null]",
              "version": "[content version]|[null]",
              "id": "[content id]|[null]",
              "versionId": "[content version id]|[null]",
            "repository": "[library|doccenter]|[null]",
            "teamsiteId": "[teamsite id]|[null]",
            "profilePathId": "[profile path Id]|[null]",
            "profilePathName": "[profile path name]|[null]",
            "profileId": "[profile id]|[null]",
            "profileVersionId": "[profile version id]|[null]",
            "formName": "[form name]|[null]",
            "formId": "[form id]|[null]",
            "googleFileId": "[source google file Id]|[null]",
        "clientDetails": {
          "name": "[client name]",
          "application": "[application]",
          "applicationOverride": "[application override name]|[null]",
          "productArea": "[production area]|[null]",
        "integratorContext": {  // | null
          "systemType": "[external system type]",
          "contextType": "[external context type]",
          "contextTypePlural": "[external context type]",
          "contextName": "[external context name]",
          "contextId": "[external context Id]"
        "userId": "[userId]",
        "report": {
          "createTime": "[long-unixDateTimeMilliseconds]",
          "lastUpdateTime": "[long-unixDateTimeMilliseconds]",
        { "name": "prop1", "value": "value1" },
        { "name": "prop2", "value": "value2" },
    "application": "[clientDetails.Application]",
    "productArea": "[clientDetails.ProductArea]"