Occurs when a user group is Updated.


Early Access

This service is subject to change with limited or no warning. Please work closely with your CSM and our Services team if you are interested in using this webhook.

Webhook Payload

The webhook event is encapsulated within a common wrapper structure providing general information about the event.

idstringUnique identifier for the group creation event.
versionstringVersion of the event schema.
occurredAtstringTimestamp when the event occurred, formatted as an ISO 8601 string.
tenantIdstringUnique tenant identifier.
tenantNamestringName of the tenant.
dataobjectData structure containing detailed information about the group creation event. data object details
applicationstringApplication associated with the event.
productAreastringProduct area related to the event.

data object details

idstringUnique identifier of the data event.
actionstringThe action that triggered the event.
tenantstringTenant related to the event.
groupIdstringUnique group identifier.
namestringName of the group.
typestringThe type of group.
parentIdstringThe parent group identifier, if any.
externalIdstringAn external identifier for the group, if any.
createdTimestringThe creation time of the event.
isDeletedbooleanFlag indicating if the group is deleted.
isDeactivatedbooleanFlag indicating if the group is deactivated.
lastModifiedTimestringThe last time the group was modified.
deletedTimestringThe time the group was deleted.
managerIdsarrayArray of manager identifiers for the group.


  "id": "4d22c89a-6c2f-4b36-8cd8-218973dfe04f",
  "version": "UserGroupMemberChangeV1",
  "occurredAt": "2023-01-20T21:13:25.268Z",
  "tenantId": "b4d8bb18-dc97-4e18-8049-50a04edf453f",
  "tenantName": "fsdev",
  "data": {
    "id": "d675de53-e998-4c72-a6f3-6e9d63a99914",
    "action": "Update",
    "tenant": "fsdev",
    "groupId": "f68c05b7-b6a0-46bf-9b6d-d8fecd31db21",
    "name": "luke",
    "type": "Standard",
    "parentId": "",
    "externalId": "",
    "createdTime": "2024-05-14 12:21:11.167",
    "isDeleted": false,
    "isDeactivated": false,
    "lastModifiedTime": "2024-05-14 12:21:11.167",
    "deletedTime": "2024-06-14 12:21:11.167",
    "managerIds": [
  "application": "UserGroup",
  "productArea": "UMS"