What are APIs?

and why am I here?

Application Programming Interfaces (aka APIs) are a way to interact with a service or program. When you click a button in Seismic to do something, like execute a search, look at a user record, or deliver a livesend, Seismic is executing an API call for you.

Here are a few simple actions that can be achieved with Seismic's APIs:

  • Search for a piece of content
  • Update the content properties on a specific document
  • Publish a document

The real power of APIs comes from using multiple multiple services together to create integrations between platforms. Take the same three calls above, but chained together in a single process

  1. Someone publishes a document an external system & lets your application know about the change
  2. Your application searches Seismic for the outdated content
  3. Your application updates the document and it's content properties and file metadata
  4. Your application publishes the updated document so it is now consumable and searchable by your end users

Whether you have a specific integration in mind, an idea for an app, want to learn more, or interact with other developers, we hope you enjoy your time here!

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