The steps below outline how to create an HTML/JS page to login with Seismic. The implicit grant flow is most often used when you are creating a web application for your users. The implicit flow will allow users to login via their browser and is intended to be used only for short-term tokens that expire within a few hours.


Before you begin, you must...

Have your client_id
Register the domain of your application with Seismic
Register the URL of your redirect handler with Seismic


  • Create an app on App Registration Portal.
  • Select authentication method as Implicit Flow.
  • Add your auth callback url Redirect URIs to your application url example: https://YOUR_UI_SERVER/auth_callback.
  • Save the app.
  • No need to generate the client_secret from the app.

Get the token

Refer to the Implicit Flow documentation for more details.

The above page provides following examples of client pages for getting token via implicit flow

  1. Host a client page that will prompt users to login (client.html)
  2. Host a redirect page and register it with Seismic (popup.html)