Change file information/properties

This endpoint can be use to move a file or update its properties, including system properties such as the name, owner, description, as well as custom properties. The structure of the PATCH is identical to the structure of the GET, so you can simply use the GET the get a body, modify any relevant fields, then send the body via the PATCH. See the section on Patch Conventions for more information on working with PATCH.

Body Field Definition

  • name: The name of the file.
  • parentFolderId: The GUID of the file's parent folder. Changing this value will move the file from one folder to another. Use "root" to place files in the root folder of the teamsite.
  • ownerId: The userId of the owner of the file.
  • experts: A list of experts for this file. A user expert would be in the form {"type":"user", "id":"the users id"}. A group expert would be in the form {"type":"group", "id":"the group id"}.
  • description: The description for the file.
  • expiresAt: The date the file expires which can only be set to the future. This date does not accept the time component, so should be specified as a UTC YYYY-MM-DD.
  • properties: An array of properties and their values where each property is identified by its id such as {"id": "the property id","values": ["Value A", "Value B"]}. The property name can be included, but will be ignored.


Requires: seismic.library.manage See Permissions for additional details.

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