Versioning & Testing

Change Policies

All Seismic APIs are versioned and placed under formal change control.
The versioning philosophy follows these simple guidelines:

  • No new input will be added on a particular API version that would cause prior use of the API to fail, however, new optional fields can be added from time to time.
  • Additional fields can be added to API responses at any time, however, existing fields will not be removed or fundamentally change purpose.
  • Each route should be considered to be versioned independently of all other routes, although in practice, many routes will version together
  • There is no implied compatibility of routes, regardless of version. Routes should be judged for compatibility based on the needs of specific use cases.


Deprecation and End of Life

Seismic reserves the right to deprecate any route as necessary, however, we will always take customers and partners into consideration when making such changes. In general, a route will continue to be available for anywhere from 1 to 12 months after announcing deprecation depending on the severity of the change. In practice, Seismic strives to avoid deprecating APIs except when extremely necessary.

Production & Testing domains

To aid with change management, we have created a new API subdomain where teams can test new functionality prior to its public release.

Production Domain
Testing Domain

Examples of changes include:

  • Changes to security polices
  • Changes to rate limits
  • New and updated headers
  • New and updated APIs