Intelligence recommenders

Retrieves the available buyer & seller recommenders and insight categories supported by the Intelligence Services.

These recommenders and insight categories can optionally be provided to the contentRecommendation endpoint to refine the set of recommenders it uses to provide consolidated recommendations.


  • buyerCf - Leverages collaborative filtering to identify content recommendations based on other recipients receiving the same content as the target recipient
  • buyerSequential - Identifies content to send the recipient based on the sequence of content previously sent to this recipient compared to similar sequences of content sent to other recipients
  • buyerCfIndustryTitle - This is a variation on collaborative filtering that places additional focus on the recipient's normalized title and industry according to their contact and account record in CRM
  • agg_func_buyer_content_to_send_based_on_common_peer_content - A directive approach of identifying content recommendations based on a combination of sent and viewed content from the target recipient compared to that of other recipients who have received and viewed the same documents


  • sellerCf - Leverages collaborative filtering to identify internal user content recommendations based on other internal users viewing/using the same content
  • agg_func_unused_content_to_try_based_on_peers - Somewhat similar to sellerCf in cohorting users based on the use of common content, this recommender also considers additional user properties such as the user's groups and seeks to recommend content that a user's peers are sending that the target user is not


  • agg_func_top_buyer_content_last_90 - the list of content that the buyer has been sent or engaged with over the last 90 days
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