Rate Limiting

In certain cases, Seismic needs to enforce rate-limiting. In the event that a rate limiting policy has been reached, a standard 429 Too Many Requests error will be returned, with an indication of when to retry the request.


Be aware of the Rate Limiting policy!

The Rate Limiting Policies have been live for several months. We will be STRICTLY enforcing them effective February 27th, 2023.

Please refer to the Versioning and Testing page for testing strategies

Rate Limit Tiers

Tier 1 10 calls per 60 seconds* Generate a LiveDocThis has been implemented for the health and performance of the livedoc generation servers
Tier 1.530 calls per 60 seconds* Create a livesend linkThis has been implemented for the health and performance of the livesend generation servers
Tier 260 calls per 60 seconds Get list of items in a library folder
Get list of items in a workspace folder
Applied to reduce 'scraping' for file updates. It is recommended to use the Content Search functionality to find documents that are relevant to your needs
Tier 3600 calls per 60 secondsAll others not listed above

429 Response

Response Body
When you hit the rate limit for API, we will return a 429 code. The response will include message, clientId, and tenant name.

    "statusCode": 429,
    "message": "Rate limit is exceeded. Try again in 47 seconds.",
    "clientId": "38412620-13c8-40ca-a42b-79b04384790f",
    "tenant": "intdev"


X-Seismic-Remaining-Calls Shows the count of available remaining calls in your 60 second time window
X-Seismic-Total-Calls Shows the count of calls that you have made within your 60 second time window
These headers will be globally available on Feb 27, 2023. Today you can test them with our Testing Domain



Bypass the rate limitations

If you need to bypass the rate limitations in place, please reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know your use case. We will consider temporary exceptions and may even consider permanent exceptions based on your needs.