Add a file

Adds a new file using a multipart/form-data POST containing the file's metadata and the file contents.
The metadata part includes required properties such as the name, format, and parentFolderId, but can also include any properties documented in the PATCH operation.
Use the special keyword "root" to add files to the root folder of a teamsite.
The content part includes the file's binary content to be uploaded.
Example Metadata part:

    "name": "file name here",
    "parentFolderId": "root",
    "format": "pptx"

You can also optionally include an externalId as a well known and non-editable way of tracking the content's id from an external system.
Use an optional query string parameter resolveNameCollision=true to automatically append an index such as (1)(2)(3) etc. until a name is found which does not conflict with an existing document in the folder.


Requires: seismic.library.manage See Permissions for additional details.


Upload Limits

Max file size is limited to 2GB

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