Add a reply to a comment

Adds a comment to an item with an optional page annotation. Annotations are only supported on items of type file.


  • text: The text to put in the comment or the textbox for a text annotation.
    • To include an @mention in the comment embed an object with the user as {id='c5d916b6-6951-48f6-a955-6afbcceac088',type='user'}. Both single and double quotes are supported for the mention syntax.
    • When including { or } in a comment, it must be escaped using a \ such as \{ or \}.
    • Line breaks can be inserted using the ASCII line feed character \n.
  • annotation: An optional annotation that can be included on a page of the document
    • type: The type of annotation which can be one of the following: rectangle | oval | line | arrow | text | pen | callout
    • page: The 1-N page number to add the annotation to
    • points: A list of x and y values provided as the % offset into the given page from the top left corner of the page. These points represent the anchor points for the annotation.
      • For 2-dimensional objects (rectangle, oval, line, arrow) this the top left and bottom right corner of the bounding box.
      • For the text and callout object, the only point required is the top left corner of the text box
      • For the pen object, each point along the line should be included


Requires: seismic.workspace.manage See Permissions for additional details.

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