Content Usage History

Provides data on users usage/deliveries of content in all areas of the product except Content Manager. The goal of this data is to gain an understanding of what content is being used, where it is being used, and how it is being taken out of the system. This data can be used as the basis to answer questions such as the following

  • What content is being used?
  • What user or groups are using the content?
  • Which content profiles does content get used from?
  • How are users delivering the content (Download, LiveSend, Email, etc.)

Does Not Include

  • Movement of content inside WorkSpace
  • Commenting activity in WorkSpace
  • Any post-delivery activity such as LiveSend or MeetingSpace user activity

Each row represents a user's usage/delivery of a single piece of content. For actions where multiple documents are involved, such as multi-select deliver including LiveSend, Download, Email, etc... multiple array items will be returned.

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